Tribute to Jerry Fuchs // Juan Maclean “Happy House” Live

先日亡くなったJerry Fuchsトリビュート・ライブがいくつかニューヨークで行われます。
まずJuan MacleanによるJerry Fuchs tribute partyのこれがフライヤー。
Tribute to Jerry Fuchs

The Juan MacLean – Happy House (Live @ The Double Door) from The Belmont Sessions on Vimeo.

そしてJerry Fuchs tribute blogはこちら。


以下は友人のSteve Revitteからのマスメールから抜粋。
11/17(tue) 今夜ですね。

Ok. Ok I know you guys are all exhausted after this week but guess what? you have to come to one more thing-AND it involves drinking. So stop complaining. As Jerry would say “Stop being a pussy. Let’s get a beer.”

At the Levee from 12pm -4am you can come in, pay $10 and get a wristband which allows you to drink all the draft beer you want for as long as you want or until you get thrown out for crying into the cheeseballs. ALL OF THIS MONEY GOES TO JERRY’S FAMILY. So even if you don’t drink (nerd) or don’t want to (also nerd) you can still come by and give money. So do it! Raise your glass to Jer Jer one more time. Tuesday Night Crew Forever!

Tuesday Nov. 17th
@ The Levee
212 Berry @ N3rd (near the Bedford stop on the L)
Williamsburg Brooklyn